Things to Ask Your Breeder

We here at Blue Bat Pigs believe in responsible breeding. Because of this, we have compiled a list of questions YOU should be asking YOUR potential breeder.

Taken from the AKC’s Questions To Ask Your Potential Breeder:

  • If you are interested in a puppy or puppies, you need to ask to see and meet the parents.
  • Ask to make sure health tests have been performed on the parents.
  • Ask your breeder how long they have bred and what experience do they possess of the breed they are breeding.
  • Do your breeders socialize their puppies?
  • How about vaccinations, are they up to date?
  • Does the breeder offer a health guarantee and a contract?
  • What will the timeline be from picking out your new puppy to when you will be able to take it home?
  • What if there are problems? How can you contact your breeder?
  • Of potential owners, what are the breeders themselves looking for in a potential owner?
  • What types of testing is done prior to the breeding of the sire and the dam?
  • What types of heath screenings are done to promote responsible breeding to ensure you are receiving a healthy and happy pet?

The above questions will help you to not only get the best possible puppy but it will provide you peace of mind, information and finally a long lasting relationship with the breeder.

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