Dog History

Every dog and breed has a history – here’s ours…

We got Fiona, Angelette, Lilly and Beau from a reputable breeder locally. We knew we wanted a frenchie, but we wanted to make sure that we went with a breeder that offered high quality dogs and who bred responsibly. We were fortunate to find one just so.  Violet and Precious are all of Angelette’s pups. Stella Bear is Lilly’s pup. Fiona hasn’t been bred yet. Beau is the big daddy’o of Stella Bear. We used a different stud for Violet and Precious.Here is a break down of who is who and what is what at Blue Bat Pigs – AZ’s french bulldog breeders –



Lilly is a Blue Fawn frenchie (french bulldog). She has an amazing physique as you can see. When she isn’t busy runnin’ the kennel like a Boss Doggy, she competes in fitness competitions. Her fav motto is – Everyday is Leg Day.Family – Stella Bear (daughter) 

Stella Bear

How you doin’?

Stella Bear is a Blue Fawn frenchie (french bulldog) just like her mama Lilly. Like her mama, she has an amazing physique too. This little girl is a stunner and for sure a doggy model in training. Known to the kennel to strike a pose when a camera is by, this girl for sure ain’t shy. Family – Lilly (mom) & Beau (dad)


Sup Homie Cheeeeeese Slice?!

Beau is a Blue Brindle frenchie (french bulldog). It’s well known around the kennel that Beau holds one thing, ONE THING higher than food… and that is his toys. He is true to the saying – Boys and their Toys. He is also known to kill a rubber ball in seconds if you don’t watch him. Family – Stella Bear (daughter) 


Um, yeah?

Fiona (Fifi) is a Solid Blue frenchie (french bulldog). The queen bee in all reality (she let’s Lilly run the show when she ain’t feelin’ it), her vet calls her Crazy Eyes, you can see why. Around these kennel parts, it’s a bit of a dog pile for Fiona. She is always at the bottom. 



Angelette is a Blue Piebald frenchie (french bulldog). Blue Piebalds kinda look like cows because of their coloring. Angelette is normally Cool, Calm and Collected. That is unless a blueberry rolls by. Angelette is a lover of blueberries. She is in fact the real life Dug from “Up”, except instead of shiny thing, it’s blueberry.Family – Violet (daughter) & Precious (daughter) 


What's that in the sky?
Whoa…What’s that in the sky?

Precious is a Lilac Reverse Brindle frenchie (french bulldog). She is an escape artist and isn’t afraid to show it. Recently, she’s been breaking out by literally doing some serious Batman moves and climbing over the baby gate. Her people have caught her on camera but she doesn’t care.  Family – Violet (sister) & Angelette (mom) 



Violet is a Platinum Lilac Fawn frenchie (french bulldog). Fancy is her nickname around the kennel, I mean look at what kind of frenchie she is! Though she isn’t black card status yet, her attitude says otherwise. This little girl knows how to get what she wants, mainly by being adorable.Family – Precious (sister) & Angelette (mom)