Beau’s Corner

 Welcome to Beau’s Corner!How you doin’? My name is Beau and I’m the BIG Daddy-o ’round these kennel parts.Beau…what more can you say? He’s our handsome boy who loves the spotlight and tends to be Lilly’s partner-in-crime. Beau loves to just lay around his people most of the time and just chill. He loves his toys more than life itself. Beau is currently available for stud services, please contact us for details. You too can have a Blue Bat Pig from Arizona’s Premier French Bulldog Breeders.  

Fun Facts About Beau:

  • He loves his TOYS! He loves his “babies” (stuffed animals) and his rubber balls.
  • Known to kill rubber balls in minutes.
  • Is willing to forgo food in order to play with his toys.
  • He is a Blue Brindle frenchie (french bulldog).
  • He’s the daddy to Stella Bear, Lilly is the mama.