About Us

Hi there, we are Donovan and Jennifer Rothschild of Blue Bat Pigs, Arizona’s french bulldog breeders and thanks for visiting our site! We specialize in french bulldogs (frenchies) with blue colorization or in other words, blue french bulldogs.

You may ask, what made us want to even start breeding? It’s a tough job, but we love to do it! We also wanted to share our love for the breeds we breed. We wanted to offer high quality dogs and unique colorization that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. We are dog lovers through and through. We have had 15 years plus of breeding. We use to breed Boxers for 13 years but we fell in love with french bulldogs. We didn’t want just any type of french bulldogs, we fell in love blues. Blues are unique or rare and come in a lot of color variations.

Currently, we have one Blue Fawn – Lilly Bear, who has an amazing physique. When she’s not running the kennel like a Dog Boss, she competes in fitness competitions. Her motto is “Everyday is Leg Day”. We have one Blue Brindle, Beau – Our Stud Muffin who loves his toys more than life itself, one Solid Blue French Bulldog  – Fiona, our vet calls her crazy eyes, one Blue Piebald Angelette who is normally CCC (Calm, Cool and Collected) until she sees a blueberry, one Lilac Reverse Brindle –  Precious, our beautiful escape artist, one Blue Fawn – Stella, the inquisitive one or really just nosy is photogenic cutie. She’s also Lilly’s pup. We have a Platinum Lilac Fawn – Violet, our mischievous one who loves to close the door so we can’t see what she’s up to. And to round off our furry family, we have our beautiful Boxer, Bella (our last Boxer), who’s gonna be 10 years old soon.

We are also pushing the boundaries for consistently improving our breeding standards and colorization. Our future goals are to include in our kennel are Lilac and Tan and Merle.

As you know, you have a lot of breeders to choose from AZ. So why choose us? We care about our pups and dogs like they are our family. We uphold the highest integrity and standards for our frenchies. You have a lot of breeders to choose from but you will NEVER regret choosing Blue Bat Pigs. We stand by our dogs 110%.